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YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc.

Why work for YAPP ?

YAPP USA has exciting career options for you. You will have an opportunity to use and build your career strengths, create effective solutions, and build new knowledge as you are challenged.

If you’re looking to work in a casual yet effective work environment where change is the norm and personal development is supported, consider the following opportunities to join our team.

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Career Opportunities

YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. is a equal opportunity employer that offers many exciting career opportunities. We will post available positions here on a regular basis so please check back often to see if we are hiring. You can read about the positions available read as they become availiable and/or we encourage you to send in your resume for consideration and tell us how you feel you could help our team.

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We are serious about health.
We are serious about the environment.

Our Environmental Policies:

Our Management team has established, documented and maintain procedures for our Environmental Management System. We also make all employees aware of this system through training and our daily practices. We also make this policy available to all interested parties of the public.

We conform to the internal company requirements as well as any industry standards and comply with the environmental laws and regulations of the City of Gallatin, the state of Tennessee, and the United States of America.

Our Management team is committed to continually reassessing and revisiting the impact of the environmental aspects of our activities to ensure they have minimal or no effect on the environment.

We at YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. will strive to be good residents in our environment. We will ensure this through Compliance, Continuous Improvement and a committed effort to the Prevention of Pollution.

Employees Training:

We are committed to attracting and retaining world-class talent. We encourage each of our employees to take control of their careers. No matter your job title, we are committed to providing continued training and promotion opportunities to help you move forward.

Salary and Benefits:

Competitive wages and benefits, future opportunities, plus a dynamic work environment make YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. the employer of choice. Our benefit package includes: Health Care Coverage, Dental, Vision, 401(k) retirement plan, and much more.

Join the YAPP USA Automotive Team !